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Joanna Margetts

I was a bit apprehensive about the training and being interviewed on camera, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Andrew made us all feel relaxed and I gained confidence in being interviewed. I now know how to prepare and take control of Media Interviews. Thank you.

— Joanna Margetts, Gwalia Housing Trust

Local Government Gets Its Own Social Media Network

30 May 2011

In May 2011 local government gets its own social media site called KnowledgeHub. The idea is that local government can work more efficiently by sharing information and advice between departments and areas across the country.

The interface will have some Facebook like elements to put faces to names and to facilitate conversations. There is also an automatic recommendations element which will try to flag up information that may be relevant to the person based on past activity. Other resources on the site can get user ratings and comments so that others who look later will be guided to the best rated material.

Even though the May release is only a Beta (meaning the feature set is now fixed but there may be a few bugs still in the system) there are already 85,000 registered users. If things go as planned the critical mass of users should bring significant improvements to the services and efficiency of local government.

KnowledgeHub is being delivered by a company called PFIKS using their Collaborative Workspace Environment, (CWE) called Intelligus. The resulting system will be published as open source under the GNU General Public License, so that it can be used in other endeavours.

Functions of Intelligus are listed as

Administration and housekeeping
Secures access – permissions match the team’s management hierarchy
Centralised repository of all common documentation
Collapses multi-point communications into a joined up communications suite
Calendaring, task assignment and completion notification
Knowledge sharing and searching
Provides the compliance audit trail, team performance and project metrics
Customise the team Homepage Portal, blogs and wikis
Build a community, enthuse your team and foster the communal spirit

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