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A Hung Parliament – the price for avoiding the TV cameras ?

Polling Place in Scotland

In 2010 Nick Clegg came from nowhere to become Deputy Prime Minister mainly due to his impressive performances in three TV debates against David Cameron and Gordon Brown. Compare that to Theresa May avoiding the cameras in any TV debate where she would be pitted against leaders […]

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How the five Ws and the H could have saved Diane Abbott


One of the keys to successful Media Interviews is basic training in preparing for difficult questions. Journalists who have received even basic training know that the key to writing good copy is to include the 5 Ws and H – the Who, What, Where, When, Why and […]

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Select Committee Appearance – Ordeal or Opportunity?


Facing a Select Committee is no picnic as several high profile performances have recently demonstrated. Even the most experienced executives can be left floundering or appear evasive when asked about company tax arrangements or their own salary. Any big news story can trigger a select committee session. […]

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Building positive stories in changing times


We’re exhibiting again this year at the National Housing Federation Communications and Marketing Conference. I love the strap line for this conference. It says exactly what we’ve been doing over the last seventeen years, through some of the most challenging times. Although the issues facing social housing are often complex […]

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Education in the spotlight

High School Students With Teacher in Chemistry Class

Education is increasingly coming under the media spotlight. Earlier this year it was due to changes in how schools are funded, run and managed. Later we had the usual media feast of praise, or blame and shame, as the summer exam results were announced. But how prepared are Headteachers and […]

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Crisis averted


“It all happened so fast and the crew were amazing.” The near catastrophe that was averted yesterday by British Airways is something that all airlines prepare for constantly. Passenger safety is paramount. Knowing your top priority is essential to the success of any business. Knowing how to spot […]

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Protecting Your Reputation

Polling Place in Scotland

In the final days before the General Election many voters are still undecided, not just about who will run the country, but also who to vote for in their local elections. Only one thing is certain, that’s uncertainty, even at local level. It could be that there […]

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There’s a lot happening at the CIPD Learning and Development Show May 13th-15th and we’re pleased to be part of it. Not only are we exhibiting – stand 323 in you want to visit us – but our Media Director, Andrew Carapiet, will be delivering his talk on “Communicating Change” […]

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Communicating Public Health messages

Boys Sleeping On Sofa While Holding Games Consoles

Public health is a high profile operation that touches everybody’s lives, so using the media to change behaviour and promote healthier life styles is an opportunity not to be missed. But how do you promote stories that are so often buried in government statistics or appear to be […]

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Key Principles Of Dealing With A Media Crisis


When a crisis hits, protecting your reputation is vital. Coming across as a caring, competent and well prepared organisation goes a long way to mitigating the damage of a crisis. Updating and refreshing the media skills of your key spokespeople should be done routinely. If you’re reading this […]

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