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Preparing your key messages

Happy people enjoying tailored training

Knowing what you want to say is only half the battle. Being prepared for the curve ball and awkward question is an art form that can only be mastered through training and practical experience. Anticipating the journalist’s agenda is important. We aren’t expecting you to be psychic, […]

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Keep it simple


It’s very rare to have enough time in a media interview to say all that you want to. We know that if you’re the project lead, head of department or CEO, you will be intimately involved with products, initiatives or your company. You are probably so passionate […]

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How to Give Your Best Performance during Television and Radio Interviews Part 2

inside of TV set

  Stay cool, calm and collected, even in the hottest arguments. Lose your temper and you lose the argument. Let the interviewer look agitated and bad-tempered. Baffle him/her with politeness and reason. If the interviewer interrupts your answer, raise your voice just enough to be heard, and […]

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Stars of Science

Last four competitors in Stars of Science Competition

We were delighted when we were asked to help prepare the contestants of the Arabic programme “Stars of Science” to handle the media. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the most talented young scientific entrepreneurs on subjects that they are really passionate about. […]

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Passion Means Impact


When it comes to communicating, whether she’s singing or giving an interview on BBC Breakfast, Annie Lennox consistently gives a great performance. Never missing a trick or thrown off balance by a “curve ball” Annie demonstrates how to move seamlessly from one key message to the next. […]

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How to Give Your Best Performance during Television and Radio Interviews Part 1

being interviewed on TV

Here are Andrew Carapiet’s top tips for how to come across well in a Media Interview. Speak in an appropriate tone – enthusiastic when extolling a virtue; regretful when announcing cutbacks; determined when outlining future policy; deeply saddened when discussing a tragedy. Exude confidence without sounding boastful […]

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How to Plan for a Media Interview


This is the first part in a series of articles about how to prepare and perform in Media Interviews written by our Media and Communications Director Andrew Carapiet.  Andrew was a BBC producer for several years before moving into Media Training. Preparing for Television and Radio Interviews […]

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Lessons we can learn from the Great British Bake Off


When it comes to understanding the three key rules of success, Nancy has it nailed: Be prepared, then prepare again. It was no surprise when Nancy revealed that she’d got up at 4 am to have a final run through for her showstopper finale. Keep cool under […]

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What do Media Friendly do all week?

Tim with falcon in Qatar

On a typical week, like all Media and PR Training companies we tend to be pretty busy. Not only designing, planning and delivering training courses, but also promoting ourselves and our services.  Last week, for example, was as exciting as it was varied. Two of our trainers […]

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Facebook and Beyond


How doctors are using new technology and social media Are GPs surgeries a thing of the past? That’s the key question being asked following the recent Health Department report, Digital First, that looks to replace the homely GPs’ surgery with a ‘virtual clinic’ system operated via phone, […]

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