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Emma Kilvert, Media Relations Manager

Thank you for the excellent media training. The feedback was all extremely positive and we are currently considering similar future training for other staff…I will definitely recommend choosing Media Friendly again.

— Emma Kilvert, Media Relations Manager, University of Wolverhampton

Advanced Media Skills Workshop

Advanced media skills training course, interview technique skills course

Practice your media handling skill and build confidence with practice

This is a one-day Advanced Media Workshop for Key Spokespeople who already have some knowledge and experience of the UK media and public relations. It is therefore aimed at being very challenging, with demanding subject areas and tough interviews.

We concentrate on Crisis Management, developing the skills needed to handle all types of meda interviews, from the conventional office based interview, to radio and television interviews and the more intimidating “doorstep” journalistic encounter.

We are very keen to emphasise the issue of control – how to take control of the interview – and we will show you effective ways of achieving this.

The key to our course is Playback Analysis Technique. We record every interview and analyse them to highlight positive and negative aspects.

The interviews get progressively more difficult (taking into account how each individual is getting on) until each participant is battle-hardened. The ultimate aim is to build confidence so that you feel comfortable and in control of all future media interviews.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this course please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this or any other media training needs.


  • Experienced Key Spokespeople

Key Objectives

  • Develop successful media handling skills
  • Improve TV, radio and press interview technique
  • Learn the techniques for taking control of media interviews
  • Practise difficult interviews with challenging material
  • Turn around blame culture
  • Prepare for crisis issue management
  • Improve proactive communication of your achievements
  • Organise, manage and participate in press conferences
  • Recognise the positive newsworthiness in your organisation
  • Write a press release in five minutes
  • Use media tools – such as holding statements and Q&A sheets
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