Presenting with Power and Impact


Public speaking is an art form made easier once you understand your audience, their hopes and expectations.

Addressing the crowd doesn’t have to be an ordeal – know your audience, know your subject and keep it simple.

We’re very grateful for Andrew’s time – it was very helpful and our staff benefited from it a great deal. Thanks again!

Swanlea School, London Solomon Paul, Media & Communications Manager February 24, 2016

What to expect

This interactive, practical course will hone and enhance your skills when speaking to larger groups at conferences or public meetings.

You will learn techniques that will help you speak with impact, assurance and empathy, when communicating with your colleagues. Whether you’re addressing a board meeting or handling the sales team, this course will give you the skills you need to communicate your messages and you achieve your objectives.

We show how to develop and deliver your key messages empathetically, by turning your presentation around and imaging it from the point of view of your audience. This will help you to soften a formal speech and let it flow in a more conversational style.

Keeping words simple and sentences short gives the intimate touch, which means that people feel you are talking personally to them. That really helps if you have challenging messages to deliver around potentially emotive issues.


  • Chief Executives
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who has to deliver difficult messages at external or internal meetings,
    conferences and events

All Participants Receive

  • A DVD with all performances
  • Workshop handouts
  • Media Interview rule book and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • 12 months FREE advice and support by phone should you need this before any future interview

You will learn

  • Build empathy with large audiences when speaking in public.
  • Pitch your message at different audiences.
  • “Think in threes”
  • Use humour – in relevant examples and anecdotes, whilst still delivering your messages
  • Plan and prepare systematically
  • Get your message across with more professionalism and impact
  • Focus attention on the key issues so your audience will accept your message.
  • Tips on delivery.
  • Handle awkward questions from the floor – either after, or sometimes during your presentation.
  • Deal with challenging people and difficult situations.
  • Handle interruptions and disruptive behaviour.
  • Focus attention on the key issues so your audience will accept your message.

Times and pricing

10:00am-5:00pm £495 per person, discounted to £395 per person if two people from the same organisation book together