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GP Consortia – Milton Keynes

Absolutely excellent, inspiring and eye opening. Brilliant and enjoyable fun day – worth forfeiting my day off for today.
Brilliantly facilitated by Andrew.

— GP Consortia – Milton Keynes

PR Training

Proactive public relations media training course

Talk to the media in success mode

This is a one-day PR Workshop, with the emphasis being on Proactive PR skills, Press Release writing, holding statements, Q&A briefing documents and handling press interviews. We also cover how to brief your spokespeople and key message development.

We address proactivity issues, such as highlighting newsworthy and positive stories which are occurring and writing them up in an eye-catching way.

We cover the whole process of proactivity, from highlighting the idea, writing the press release, making the follow up call to the journalist, to handling the press enquiry and interview.

This course combines both theory and more hands-on, practical activities.

Participants will compose press releases, practice follow up calls to journalists, practice interview techniques or even go through mock crisis scenarios to reinforce techniques presented earlier. Interviews may be recorded on video to allow playback analysis and immediate feedback for delegates.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this course please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this or any other media training needs.


  • PR Professionals
  • Communication officers

Key Objectives

  • Identify positive news and feature opportunities
  • Develop these into an effective Press Release.
  • Brief spokespeople prior to media interviews.
  • Understand the importance of photo opportunities.
  • How to build relationships with journalists.
  • Make effective follow-up calls to journalists.
  • Handle enquiries from the media.
  • Develop the skills for effective Press interviews.
  • Handle Crisis Management and Success Message scenarios.
  • Turn around blame culture prevalent in the Media.
  • Put over a positive image of your organisation.
  • Improve proactive communication of your achievements.
  • Become an effective media communicator.
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