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A very informative day, delivered by a very knowledgeable person. The practical nature made it a valuable learning exercise.

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course

public speaking and presentations skills training course

You don't have to be a good orator to be a good presenter.

We help you learn how to deliver talks for small meetings, big, formal, presentations to large groups, to handling awkward questions from the floor in open, public meetings, without any time to prepare in-depth answers.

Courses are designed to help those delegates who are either complete beginners or who have some experience of presentations to strengthen their existing skills to create a more professional impact.

The course is highly practical and interactive, but firstly we cover the basic principles of Presentation Skills, using simple techniques designed to give speakers the gravitas and authority needed for convincing presentations

We will give each participant, the opportunity to practise and fine tune his or her presentation, in private, using our valuable learning tool-DO LEARN DO-where you acquire and master a difficult skill by practising it over and again. Using video feedback techniques, we film every presentation, replay and review it, highlighting the positives and the negatives, showing each participant the improvement they make.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this course please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this or any other media training needs.


  • Anyone who has to address large or small groups in formal or informal settings

Key Objectives

  • How to plan and prepare systematically for all types of presentation from large groups, to one-to-ones.
  • How to get your message across with more professionalism.
  • How to deal with challenging people and difficult situations.
  • How to focus attention on the key issues so your audience will accept your message.
  • Tips on preparing and using visual aids correctly.
  • How to overcome nerves when presenting.


  • Different types of presentation: Giving appropriate presentations in different settings.
  • What makes a good presentation: The key elements, researching and knowing who your audience is (in advance).
  • Planning your presentation: The need for accuracy; facts versus opinions; your authority and credibility as a presenter.
  • Structure: Establishing and maintaining rapport; keeping the audiences attention; the classic structure.
  • How to deliver an effective presentation: Includes presentation techniques and delivery tips, such as projecting your voice, how to script effectively and also how to talk around your script, without notes. Say it don’t read it!
  • Timing: Managing your time; the need for flexibility; the proper use of the pause.
  • Non verbal communication: Body language-its importance; the rules of harmony.
  • Listening: the importance of listening in the communication process; the basic rules for effective listening to engage your audience better.
  • Voice work: breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, slowing it down where appropriate.
  • Dealing with nerves: Quick technique for reducing nerves, gaining confidence through practice and experience.
  • Visual Aids: Their use and abuse; using them to professionally enhance the presentation.
  • Dealing with difficult situations and awkward individuals: Learning the ABC approach to get your message over in the most hostile environment – Answer, Bridge, Communicate. Learning “customer care” techniques.
  • Questions and interruptions: Dealing successfully with these so that the objectives are enhanced; dealing with difficult/hostile questions. Also dealing with broadcast media (from a former Broadcast Journalist).
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