Proactive PR Campaign Support

an inspirational and creative PR campaign

If you need to plan an inspirational and creative PR campaign, but don’t have the resources in-house, let Media Friendly help you.

Our Proactive PR Campaign support service is designed to help you communicate your projects and your initiatives more effectively to your partners, clients and other key stakeholders.

Let us tell your “story”, find a “peg” on which to hang this story and an official “launch” date for the media.

We can:

  • Create a bespoke Communications Strategy for your official launch
  • Create a Press Kit for this launch consisting of:
    • A Press Release.
    • A Backgrounder – the story behind the company.
    • Media List – Trades/Local and National for the various key audiences.
    • Quotes – from the company founder, investors, clients and stakeholders.
  • Handle the Media Distribution – to distribute the Press Release to selected local and regional media outlets.
  • Do the time consuming Media Sell-In – to personally contact every journalist on the media list by phone and set up media interviews with key spokespeople from your organisation for launch.
  • Media activity pre-launch / on day of launch / post launch – handling media calls and media enquiries from the media, before, during and after the Launch.
  • Prepare your key messages.
  • Brief your key spokespeople.
  • Rehearse their media interviews in a safe environment.

Creating a Press Kit

The Press Kit will contain elements which can be used over and again by you for future Communications programmes – such as the Backgrounder, Media List, Biographies and Quotes.

Media List and Distribution

An up to date Media List is a key requirement of any PR or promotional activity. We will create a bespoke Media List for you with names, email addresses and phone numbers for key journalists working for the local, regional and trade press. We will include online and broadcast outlets as well.

We will distribute the Press Kit to everyone on the Media List as part of the promotional activity.

Media Sell-In

It is never enough to merely send out Press Releases to journalists who are being “spammed” by huge numbers of private and public sector organisations hourly.

To secure media coverage, we need to speak to journalists individually and try and set up interviews with key spokespeople to ensure positive, healthy coverage.

We will contact each and every journalist on the Media List by phone (as well as email) and verbally “sell-in” your story.

This is a time-consuming and skilful task and it takes experience, patience and persistence.

Media Activity

We would also manage the Media Activity around your programme for you.

Briefing Key Spokespeople

As part of the Promotional Programme, we will be briefing your key spokespeople, should they be required to speak to individual journalists.

We will find out what the journalists want, handle the negotiation and personally brief each spokesperson, so that the conversation or interview with each journalist is a success and that you communicate your key messages about your project more effectively.

Media Training

As part of the Promotional Programme, we offer Media Training for your key spokespeople, should they need to prepare their key messages and rehearse their interviews in a safe environment.