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Crisis Media Management – Courses & PR Support

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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Even the best organisations can be hit by tragedy and disaster, but you will be judged more on how you handle the crisis than on the crisis itself.

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I’d like my life back.

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Tony Hayward, former CEO of BP


How you respond to the media in a crisis is critical to your reputation; will your organisation come up as competent, sympathetic and capable or hopeless, uncaring and ill prepared.

Some crises arrive suddenly and unexpectedly, others can be long, draw out and fuelled by opinion and speculation. In either situation it is critical for you to be prepared to manage the crisis and take control of the story.

Just like the emergency services preparation and practice can help prevent significant further loss.

UK Crisis media management courses and services

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Our aim is to ensure that you have the skills needed to deal with any serious issue that could hit your organisation. We work with you to identify the nature of possible crises and give you a crisis framework, with universal techniques , which can be used in any crisis as well as the tools you will need to conduct successful media relations at stressful times.

We will create tailored crisis scenarios and then video authentic and realistic interviews where participants will get valuable experience of handling questioning in a hostile environment, where they can learn from mistakes without hurting the organisation.

This is ideal training for anyone who may have to face the media at short notice, Chief Executives, Headteachers, Emergency Services, Chairs, Directors, Senior Managers, Heads of Services, On call managers or Communications officers.

Video: Crisis Media Interviews

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