Media Training

Media Training works best when it’s tailored specifically to your own organisation and the individuals on the course.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Whether you are a media novice or well versed in media relations, you know that getting the message right with the media can be a real challenge – getting it wrong is just not an option.

Media Friendly Media Training will give you the skills you need to face the media with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.

Andrew Carapiet is our main media trainer and he’ll give you his top tips free in this video.

How it works
Each course is fully tailored to your issues, with individual interview scenarios designed for each participant.

We usually start each course with a brief overview of the media, before getting down to the practical interview experience.

We completely demystify the media, show you how to prepare your key messages and take control of the interview.

You take part in a series of realistic media interviews. These get progressively more difficult, until you become adept at handling virtually anything the media can throw at you.

Our learning principle is best described as DO LEARN DO – where you acquire a difficult skill by practicing it, over and again.

The ultimate aim is to build confidence and ensure that participants feel comfortable and confident in all future dealings with the media.

How to plan your media training

Media training works best when it is tailored to you, your organisation and your issues. Media Friendly have been planning, designing and delivering media training for more than fifteen years, so let us help you. You don’t have to do it alone. We’ll take you through the steps to that you get the training you need.

Who needs media training?

  • Your CEO and executive management team
  • Senior managers and other key spokespeople
  • On-call staff and middle managers
  • Staff who may have to deal with media enquiries

Which training course will work best?

  • Our advanced media skills workshop focuses on corporate and serious issues and is ideal for CEOs and executive managers.
  • Our media interview skills course is perfect for new spokespeople who have little or no experience.
  • We recommend crisis media training for on-call managers and those who may be faced with a potential crisis at short notice.
  • Our combined proactive PR and media interview skills is designed for managers who also need to have a basic knowledge of PR.
  • Our media awareness seminar promotes a proactive attitude towards the media for a larger number of people.
  • We recommend a short media refresher course every two years.

What has prompted this training?

  • Do you need support with a specific issue?
  • Do you have an event that you want to promote?
  • Would you like to prepare for a potential media crisis?
  • Is this as part of your leadership development programme?
  • Is this part of your induction training for new staff?
  • Would you like to raise media awareness in your organisation?

What type of interview scenarios would you like to cover?

  • Do you have a success story to promote?
  • What kind of crisis issues could hit you?
  • Do you need media training as part of your contingency planning?
  • Would you like to develop key messages for specific audiences?
  • Do you have specific media outlets that you need to target?

How many people can be trained at one time?

  • Media training is highly practical, with plenty of interview experience, playback analysis and one to one tuition, so it works better in smaller groups.
  • We recommend training six people on a full day course or up to four people on a half day course.
  • We also offer one to one half day training sessions.
  • We recommend media awareness sessions as a half day course for non-spokespeople. It can also be tailored and used as part of an annual conference or networking event.
  • We offer discounted rates for larger programmes.

Where is the best place to run this training?

  • You can have the training anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in a studio.
  • We can run this in your own premises, using our cameras and equipment.
  • We can use a local external venue, away from office distractions.
  • You can come to our beautiful training centre, as an away day.
  • We can also book a local broadcast studio.

We can come to you and run training in your own premises, anywhere in the UK or abroad if appropriate. We also have a lovely training centre in Buckinghamshire or we can help you organise the training in a local external venue or studio.

We’re also here for you after the course is over, offering free on going support, rehearsal and advice for your next live media interview.

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