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Jini Amarasekara, Acting Head of Corporate Communications

We had some very good feedback from the members who had the training, and several have told me and others that they have put some of the learning into practice with positive results … do pass on my thanks to Andrew, who was an excellent trainer, as well as being a charming person (and I had that comment from several members, it’s not just my own view!).
— London Borough of Hounslow

PR Services and Training for Communications Professionals

PR (Public relations) media training courses

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How many times have you thought you should have had more media coverage from one of your campaigns? How do you know instantly what to do when a crisis suddenly occurs? Are you ready to handle the media in a crisis?

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Is your organisation full of good news that nobody ever hears about?

Is your press office under funded, understaffed or worse — non existent?

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Andrew Carapiet, Media Friendly


An organisation’s most valuable asset is its reputation or brand. There are many ways of managing your reputation or brand. Media Relations is simply one of them, but often the most important and challenging.

If you don’t have enough in house PR support or you just need help with a specific PR campaign or project, we can help.

Specialists in both the public and private sectors, Media Friendly is an organisation of PR professionals and working journalists who are able to help you handle the media, in times of success as well as crisis.

We know how to spread your key messages as widely and effectively as possible, while taking care of your reputation and image in times of crisis.

There are many sides to Public Relations and we can help you with all of them. You may want to improve your Media Relations to get your message to your customers through highly credible media channels.

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If you are a large organisation, your first concern may be to communicate your message within the organisation before looking to the broader public. Or you may want to do both of things and improve your public relations planning to get the most from your campaigns.

We can run a whole PR campaign for you, or just take the part that you don’t have the time or manpower to cover. So we can write the backgrounder and press releases, devise your winning strategy or do the time consuming “Media Sell-in.”

PR Skills Training

We can also empower your communications team or novice PROs with the skills needed to handle everything in house. From effective writing skills and campaign management through to Media Law and Crisis Communications. We’ll even teach them to become Media Trainers on our Media Trainer, Train the Trainer course.
As with all our courses, training is in small groups, tailored to each participant, so these can be modified to fit your exact needs. It’s effectively one to one training in a group format.

social media public relations media training

Always include social media in your public relations plans

Social Media

Social media is already well established as a significant player in the media landscape. Every public relations initiative should include social media in its plans and strategies.
We provide courses to guide you from the big overall ideas to the practicalities of actually making social media help to spread your message and engage with your audience.

Video: Proactive Communication Secrets

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