Crisis Media News Day

Learn how to handle a real media crisis journalist

Real Time Crisis Media Skills and News Package

This is the ideal Crisis Media Management training for your executive management team.

Designed for experienced spokespeople only, this stimulating course starts with a surprise ambush by journalists door stepping the candidates on arrival, leads on with a “real time media crisis” scenario and includes a realistic “news package”.

We put together a package includes some materials that we have of the “crisis”. This may have been gathered on the day but more likely it is shot beforehand. The package will also include sound bites from interviews done that day.

We run the package before you take part in a series of challenging “Newsnight” style interviews.

What to expect

The full day course starts with a journalist ambush, door stepping journalists, complete with crew. This is followed by the real life, real time, stimulation of a challenging crisis scenario, tailored to you.

This practical session is interspersed with tips, support and advice as more crisis details are revealed. You will take part in at least three “real life” media interviews, including a “Newsnight” style television. Each interview is recorded and played
back for analysis. We liaise with you prior to this training to ensure that the training fits in with your media protocols and that you get you get exactly what you need from the day.


  • Chief Executives and Directors
  • Senior Managers and Leaders
  • Experienced spokespeople who may be faced with a crisis at short notice

All Participants Receive

  • A DVD with all their interviews
  • Workshop handouts
  • Media Interview rule book and handy tips card to help with future media interviews 12 months
  • 12 months FREE advice and support by phone should you need this before any future interview
  • The “news package”

You will learn

  • How to handle “door stepping journalists” in a crisis.
  • How to prepare your key messages.
  • How to side step the bear traps.
  • How to handle a media crisis.
  • Key principles of dealing with crisis media.
  • How to protect and enhance your reputation.
  • Taking control of media interviews for press, radio and TV.
  • How to handle tough or difficult questions and avoiding pitfalls or traps.
  • How to communicate key messages about your issues.
  • How to get your major points across by being assertive in interviews.
  • To show grace and have confidence under pressure.
  • Show you how to sound authoritative and confident.

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