Media Interviews for Selection Process

They may seem to be the ideal candidate, but how will your new CEO or Executive Director cope with the media in a crisis?

Testing the ability of candidates to handle challenging operational scenarios and field crisis driven media interviews is part of the process when it comes to selecting your new CEO or Executive Director.

We can make your selection process easier by testing each candidate in a series of fair, transparent and consistent media interviews.

What to expect

We work with you to devise a relevant and demanding media scenario and script the interview questions for your candidates. In the interests of consistency and fairness we keep these interviews the same for each person. All interviews are filmed and broadcast as live to the assessors. We will give you our immediate verbal feedback on each candidate. The interviews are also filmed and given to you together with written feedback on each candidate.

Our aim is to assist you seamlessly in your selection process. We understand the challenges involved in choosing the most suitable person, and being fair and transparent through out the process.


Candidates for senior positions such as;

  • CEO
  • Executive Management Team
  • Company Chairman
  • Board Members
  • Company Directors
  • Senior Civil Servants

We will

  • To work with you to devise a suitable media scenario and a criteria for assessing success
  • Provide a list of questions that will be asked to all candidates
  • Conduct an identical series of interviews for each candidate
  • Film and broadcast the interviews live to a room of our assessors
  • Give immediate feedback to you on how the candidates have performed
  • Provide written 
  • Provide all technical equipment, camera, microphones and playback facilities

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