Select Committee Training

This bespoke training will help you prepare practically for this challenging process

Facing a House of Commons Select Committee can be daunting for even the most experienced Chief Executive. Personal as well as corporate reputations are at stake and the potential for intense media scrutiny is high.

We research the make-up of the Committee, provide a full analysis, brief your spokespeople and offer full “Inquisition style” training. This will be recorded on TV cameras and played back with full video analysis and feedback till you feel comfortable with the proceedings and with your answers to the toughest of questions.

The aim is to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle all types of questions with authority, clarity and credibility.

What to expect

The full day course is tailored to you and your specific scenarios. We cover both theory and practical. We focus on thorough preparation including realistic, stimulating and challenging rehearsals so that you are ready to face even the most awkward questions with confidence.


Candidates for senior positions such as;

  • CEO
  • Executive Management Team
  • Company Chairman
  • Board Members
  • Company Directors
  • Senior Civil Servants

We will

  • Provide a full analysis of the Committee, including its members and MPs
  • Develop a strategy
  • Compile a list of potential questions
  • Draft robust responses and test them for credibility through challenging questioning
  • Rehearse you in front of cameras in a “mock up” of the Committee with full video playback analysis
  • Work with you until you are comfortable with the proceedings and with the answers to the toughest of questions

Addtional support includes

  • Supporting you with submissions and correspondence prior to your Select Committee session PR strategy and media training for the Select
  • PR strategy and media training for the Select Committee appearance
  • Support/attendance on the day of your appearance

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