Creating Professional iPhone Videos

Produce inexpensive professional video for the web with a few simple apps and an iphone


Video is a powerful communication tool. More and more companies and organisations are using short, punchy video packages to promote their key messages on social media and websites.

This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to produce effective video using only an iPhone or iPad and a few inexpensive apps and accessories. So-called ‘Mojo’ (mobile journalism) gives you a video studio in your pocket, ideal for those on low budgets or who need to produce video at short-notice at remote locations. With a mobile device you can shoot quality video in the field and edit anywhere, on the train or plane – even in a coffee shop!

What a useful and fun day, I’m looking forward to using my new skills.

Bisham Consulting Senior Marketing and Communications Consultant November 29, 2018

What to expect

The full day course offers a comprehensive introduction to the four main areas of video production: planning, shooting, editing and sharing with SEO (search engine optimisation). The emphasis is on practical skills-based learning, with delegates working in teams to plan, shoot and edit a short video package. We take a maximum of six participants per course. All equipment, including mobiles, is provided. Although we train using iPhones the course is also relevant to those with iPads or Android phones.


  • Charity workers
  • Crisis managers
  • Engineers
  • Field operators
  • Event organisers and reporters
  • Internal and external communication operatives
  • Press officers
  • Social media producers
  • Teachers and education administrators
  • Trainers

We provide

  • Friendly guidance from a former BBC video journalist
  • A comprehensive workbook covering everything on the course – and more
  • Copy of trainer’s presentation slides
  • All equipment on the day, including iPhones but we do ask you to bring your own earphones

You will learn

  • What equipment to buy
  • How to plan an effective video
  • How to shoot B roll and interviews
  • Tips on avoiding common mistakes
  • How to use light and sound effectively
  • How to edit video using professional techniques
  • How to share your production
  • How to maximise the chances of people seeing your video


Times and pricing


10:00am-5:00pm £495 per person, discounted to £395 per person if two people from the same organisation book together