Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your ranking in search results and raise your profile so that your clients, partners and potential customers find you and your offerings more easily.


This full day workshop will give you the knowledge and tactics that you need to improve your ranking in search results.

We start with a theory session where we discuss how SEO works and best practice. We demonstrate how successful sites have used different techniques and how that has helped them achieve high ranking.

We follow on with a more practical session where we evaluate your site and show what you can do to improve your result listings. Using your own chosen site as a template we also show how you can implement best practice yourselves. We critique your site showing potential errors and show how to raise your game.

What to expect

The full day course is presented using a combination of Power Point, Flip Charts, DVDs and internet. We show examples of best practice,demonstrating how some organisations optimise search engines to enhance their company and grow their businesses. We then go through the tools and services that we be most useful to your own organisation. Our open courses are tailored to each participant. We can take a maximum of six participants per course. We send out pre course questionnaires to help us tailor the
training so that you get exactly what you need from the day.


  • Communications Professionals
  • Press and PR Officers
  • PR Professionals
  • Communication Leads

All Participants Receive

  • Outline SEO strategy
  • Workshop handouts
  • Ongoing support by arrangement

You will learn

  • How search engines operate
  • How SEO works
  • Tips for the coming year
  • How search engines scan websites for keywords.
  • How usability, experience and content affect rankings
  • Best practice for SEO
  • Search engine tools and services – how to use them
  • SEO audit of the websites to highlight
  • How to optimise your pages for general search terms
  • Use of Google’s webmaster tools
  • Other tools you can use
  • Measuring and tracking your success

Times and pricing


10:00am-5:00pm £475 per person, discounted to £395 per person if two people from the same organisation book together