Train the Trainer – Media Training

This course will empower your Communications Team with the skills needed to run their own Media Training programmes.

This is an advanced full day workshop designed for journalists and communications professionals who would like to develop their skills in media training.

It is suitable for those who already have some experience of media training, either as a participant or as an observer. Our aim is to empower novice media trainers with the skills that they need to provide media training to their SMT and other key spokespeople.

What you will learn how to do

The training is designed to enhance your existing knowledge and build your skills quickly in a supportive environment. We will take you through the whole process of Media Training from preparing your interview scenarios to practical exercises in a safe environment.

We take you through a series of demonstrations and practical exercises that will give you the experience needed to brief your spokespeople effectively as well as prepare them practically for all types of media encounter.

We cover all the journalistic tricks, traps and pitfalls, showing you how to act and think as a ‘real” journalist. We then move on to the more practical elements of Media training, including interview techniques and giving feedback.

Really worthwhile – thanks! Tips on feedback when training people were the most useful aspects.

Waitrose Corporate Communications Manager September 7, 2018


  • Senior Press Officers
  • Heads of Communications
  • Media and PR Managers
  • Aspiring Media Trainers

All Participants Receive

  • A DVD of practical exercises
  • Workshop handouts
  • Media Interview rule book and handy tips card to help with future media interviews
  • Agenda layout for future Media Training sessions

You will learn

  • Prepare your introduction
  • Prepare course materials and develop interview scenarios
  • Take on the role of the journalist in mock interviews
  • Analyse and feedback to the participants – highlighting the positive
  • Prepare journalist questions – crisis and success
  • Develop and refine key messages
  • Give constructive criticism
  • Brief spokespeople effectively for future interviews

What we cover

  • Key theoretical points to cover
  • Interview scenario development
  • How to prepare journalist questions – crisis and success
  • Interview scenario development – how a journalist thinks
  • How a journalist turns a success story into crisis
  • Practical exercises – interview skills – filmed

Times and pricing

10:00am-5:00pm £645 per person, discounted to £495 per person if two people from the same organisation book together